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Make animal stock go further

2009 December 8
by sampablokuper

Have a recipe that calls for meat or fish stock? Try substituting half of the animal stock with stock made from yeast extract. Concentrated yeast extract from brands like Marmite can be used in place of stock cubes. Use about a teaspoon of Marmite per stock cube. So to make a recipe calling for, say, two beef stock cubes, try just using one beef stock cube and replacing the other with a generous teaspoon of Marmite. You’ll still get almost all the meaty flavour you’re after.

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  1. christian permalink
    January 5, 2010

    or you could just use vegetable bouillon, which won’t stick to your teaspoon :)

    (or the rather threatening sounding ‘engevita flakes’: apparently these taste ‘cheesy and nutty’ and yet can be ‘readily dissolved in fruit juices’? Think I’ll pass.)

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